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Delaney grew up in Denver, Colorado, USA and holds a degree in interior design. She is passionate about wellbeing and holds multiple health and nutrition certifications and runs her own health coaching company, Happy Meets Healthy. 


Delaney has experience in several different industries, including retail, weddings/event planning, management, catering, sales, interior design, teaching, and nutrition/life coaching. 


Delaney fell in love with traveling when she was in her twenties. Her love and appreciation for other cultures persuaded her and her husband to decide to move to Nicaragua in 2017 without ever having visited before. 


With every year of living in Nicaragua, Delaney’s awareness of animal neglect  increased until she hit a point in November 2020 where she couldn’t watch the animals in this community be mistreated any longer without doing something about it. She began networking and communicating with the former animal relief program in the area, Ikigai Rescue and  made a plan to start a new animal rescue organization from the ground up.  Now we have SOS Animales Nicaragua and SOS Clinica Veterinaria!

Delaney Wray Griffin


Marlie Perkins

Marlie comes to us from the New England region of the United States where she spent her adolescence competitively horseback riding and working in stables. However, her passion for animals extends well beyond horses and led her to pursue dual degrees in Animal Behavior and Environmental Science from the University of New England.


After graduating as number one in her program in 2018, Marlie went on to work at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in southern Maine as a seasonal biological technician. While working as a biologist, Marlie realized her passion for community outreach, which led her to accept a position at Wild Sun Rescue in Costa Rica as a Conservation Education intern. At Wild Sun, Marlie not only worked with the local community, but also spent over 50 hours a week working in the wildlife rehabilitation center.


Following a six-month stay in Costa Rica, Marlie returned to the Rachel Carson NWR to fill the position of Community Engagement Coordinator. However, Marlie deeply missed Central America and returned in January of 2020, this time to Nicaragua, where her need to be involved with helping animals led her to volunteer with Ikigai Animal Rescue. In November of 2020, Marlie and the rest of the team came together to form SOS Animales and you know the rest of the story!

SOS Roger Bio Pic.jpg

Roger Alfredo Pomares Calderón

Roger is from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. He completed his primary and secondary studies in the city of Rivas.

Since childhood, the values ​​of respect and love for people, animals, and the environment were instilled in him by his parents. One of his greatest passions in his free moments is practicing skateboarding. This sporting experience has allowed him to become a teacher and help children learn to develop in this sport.

His commitment to human and animal care & protection started when he took care of his friend, a paraplegic. He worked 24-hour shifts caring for him & saved his life on several occasions. Later he met Laurence from IKIGAI Animal Rescue. She invited him to participate in sterilization clinics of dogs and cats in the neighborhoods and communities of San Juan del Sur.

It is from that moment that he has given himself completely in the arduous work of rescue and protection of canines and felines, a beautiful commitment that helps to maintain and responsibly protect the reproduction & safety of animals in his community.

SOS Animales is happy to have Roger on our team full time to help continue our mission!


Roger Emilio Lezama Ibarra

Roger Emilio Lezama Ibarra  was born in San Juan del Sur in 1981. He grew up with his parents (Roger Lezama and Nidia Ibarra) and three brothers. Roger dedicates his positive upbringing and good values to his parents who raised him.


Between 1985-1998, he went to school in Rivas, where he finished his primary and secondary education. Due to his father's efforts, Roger managed to obtain a scholarship to study teaching at the Ricardo Morales Aviles Normal School in Jinotepe, where he obtained his professional title as a primary education teacher in 2000. Then in 2015, he studied technical accounting at the Margaret Morganroth Technical Institute.


Roger learned English by my own means, effort, and willingness to want to master this language. Roger has worked any many different fields and areas: primary school teacher, an assistant manager, electrical appliances sales in Guatemala, credit analysis, census surveyor, market research supervisor, food industry worker, receptionist at the Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica, systems manager & computer teacher for the Mobile Library in San Juan del Sur, manager of Hotel La Cascadas, and international cargo transport driver through Central America.


Through the course of his life, his have been trained as a sincere, honest, generous, enthusiastic, flexible, respectful, faithful, humble, responsible, proactive, punctual, sociable person, and a lover of nature and animals. He thinks it is an honor to be part of the SOS Animals Nicaragua Team and he knows that he can contribute a lot with his experience and personal qualities to the work that the organization does in this community.


Roberto Rafael Ramirez Lopez

Roberto Rafael Ramírez Lopez is a committed volunteer of the SOS Animals Nicaragua team.


Roberto is originally from San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, and is currently in his final years of high school. In the future, he plans to study veterinary medicine. Roberto’s respect for flora and fauna and humanity has never been lacking, as he was raised by his grandparents most of his adolescence, who are firm and well-known people in their place of origin.


His hobbies and favorite sports are skateboarding and surfing. He also enjoys playing soccer especially because it helped him learn about other parts of the country while traveling for matches. He is currently captain of the orchestra of his school, he had an award that he received at the presidential house representing his municipality.


His relationship with SOS began through his skateboarding partner (Roger) who asked him on one occasion if he wanted to help in a castration day that would help benefit the health of the community. Since helping on that day Roberto has helped us almost every day with one project or another SOS Animals Nicaragua is happy with all your help throughout our mission and we hope you will continue with us!


We are elated to have Reina join our amazing team!

Reina Moreno Arias was born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica on August 22, 1992. She grew up in Liberia, where she went to high school & continued on her education with animals.

Reina is a proud mother of her 11-year-old son, Robert, & wife to our very own Dr Roberto Rodriguez of 14 years.

She loves all animals, but especially LOVES cats! She became familiar with Nicaragua when she came with her family in 2010. She has a big heart for Nicaragua & is so happy to return to San Juan del Sur to help the animal community! You will always see Reina smiling. She is always happy and grateful for everything.

Reina Morena Arias

Vet Tech / Groomer / Receptionist

And we are happy to welcome back to San Juan del Sur, our resident vet,
Roberto Rodriguez Jacamo

Roberto Rodriguez Jacamo was born in Rivas, Nicaragua on February 21, 1980. He grew up in a neighborhood called San Francisco. At the age of 11, he moved with his parents and brothers to Costa Rica, where he continued to study. He was always passionate about animals. Since he was a child, he felt strongly about protecting and healing animals.

He returned to Nicaragua in 2010 where he began his studies at UNIAV University and graduated as a Veterinarian in 2016. After graduation, from 2016 - 2018, he opened his own veterinary clinic in San Juan del Sur. Now he is SOS Clinica Veterinaria’s new resident veterinarian & hopes to give the best for the welfare of the animals of the town of San Juan del Sur.

Roberto has a partner, Reina Moreno Arias, of 14 years; a person who is also passionate about animals. Together, they have a 10-year-old son, Robert Steve Rodriguez Jr. They are excited to have moved back to San Juan del Sur from & live in this great community with all the beautiful people.


We are always looking for help from the community, whether it's volunteering for a spay & neuter clinic, fostering/sponsoring an animal, or assisting with general needs at the clinic.

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